• Unprecedented idea, concept.
    The gift from CSR racks.

    The model name of XL rack is derived from "Excellent".
    Inheriteng DNA of our top- of- the line CSR, our new middle class XL series obtained remarkable performance reached TAOC high-end racks.

    XL, which is directly related CSR, has functional design from new shelf board construction to tip of spike leg and innovative form for providing expressive acoustic environment with reliable quality.


01Shelf board

  • 01Shelf board

    Vibration damping sheet into shelf board.
    XL has also vibration absorption beyond imagination.

    Achieving functional vibration damping, we embedded sheet in the board for the first time.

    XL board offers high performance as TAOC Audio Board with built-in honey comb core , CSR or ASRⅢ shelf board.
    Internal damping sheet enable to convert vibration energy into heat energy to exert vibration damping effect, creates deep and rich tone.

    in order to decide the ultimate balance , we finely adjusted the vibration absorption level with different size, areas of sheets , compare and verify prototypes thoroughly. We finally completed new - vibration controlable shelf board -.

  • Countless facial expressions and lines depending on the viewing angle.

    Countless facial expressions and lines depending on the viewing angle.

    The modern , refined three dimensional forms industrial with fine touch of designer drew has original arch forms and two tone of black and wood grain tone finish.
    like your favorite music songs, every time you see XL, impression changes ,depending on the view of angle.

    Enough equipment installation space on board ensure high plasticity as well.
    WL wood light tone finish and wooden dark tone finish are available.

    • color: WL
    • color: WD



Small cast iron spacers make trusted big step.

Newly designed vibration damping structure < FC separate system >
is incredibly simple. but incredibly works well. We have summarized our ideal vibration method as these two cast iron spacers from various research , developing CSR rack.
It indicates our progress. We promised FC separate system delivers high quality beyond basic class in whole sound.

  • The conpact representaion of CSR concept

    FC separate system is new original construture holding the shelf board between the upper and under spacers by latest result of our vibration research. Combining with cast iron spacers offers separative dramatically and elimination of unnecessary tone in your sound system.
    Basing on CSR concept, vibration damping for each stage, complete so as not to affect other stage, we designed this constructure.

    Starting with a prototype design, we thoroughly compared a number of combinations with different thicknesses and materials. We knew small difference can have big impact in vibration control from our experience .
    In TAOC product development, this controlling vibration damping level process, which does not compromise at all, is essential. Through of the process , FC separate system reached the current form.


  • 03Legs

    Cast iron spike for sound improving

    Cast iron spike and plate are adapted for the first time to middle class Audio Rack of TAOC. It achieved high performance beyond the class.

    In our research result , when spike and plate are made of cast iron, it improved resolusion from low to middle frequency prpperly as well as high and presense.
    Pursuing more better sound, we choose cast iron spike.

  • XL spike and plate leg inherit the safety of CSR rack.
    if a general spike comes off the spike plate, there is a risk of a serious accident due to a fall.
    designing deep receive plate, we have solved it.
    The form of new spike plate is from Grand piano insulator, which are both functional and stylish.

Line up

Standard SType

    • XL-1S-WL
    • XL-1S-WD

    ● Weight:8kg
    ● Load capacity:Up to 100kg per shelf

    • XL-2S-WL
    • XL-2S-WD

    ● Weight:13kg
    ● Load capacity:Up to 100kg per shelf

    • XL-3S-WL
    • XL-3S-WD

    ● Weight:19kg
    ● Load capacity:Up to 100kg per shelf

    • XL-4S-WL
    • XL-4S-WD

    ● Weight:25kg
    ● Load capacity:Up to 100kg per shelf

    • XL-5S-WL
    • XL-5S-WD

    ● Weight:30kg
    ● Load capacity:Up to 100kg per shelf, Up to 400kg for the entire rack

Standard LType

    • XL-1L-WL
    • XL-1L-WD

    ● Weight:13kg
    ● Load capacity:Up to 200kg

    • XL-2L-WL
    • XL-2L-WD

    ● Weight:24kg
    ● Load capacity:Up to 200kg


ø30 mm Aluminum / Black matt finish
Shelf boards
High-density MDF + Sliced natural Board ,thickness 21mm / (WL) Light Wood, (WD) Dark Wood,
Hi-carbon cast iron spike / spike plate (with lock nut ) / Black


Combining additional units to basic rack, you can build an Audio Rack with your ideal length of pillars or shelf board spacing , number of shelves.

Highly recommended for

● Original rack with a height that perfectly matches your equipment
● Original rack with enough space to dissipate heat from amplifier

Customization example

  • Additional unit

    Model number

● Model number
S typeL type

※L: It means pole length. The shelf board spacing is 7mm longer than it.

  • Pole Set

    ●Finish: Black Matte
    ●Diameter: 30mm

    Model number

  • CXL-P420 <L:200mm>
● Model number
S type (4 per set)L type(6 per set)

※L: Shelf board spacing


  • Cast iron joint

    Static load-bearing capacity: 120kg per caster
    Caster diameter: 60mm (Attached dimension: 65mm)

  • CS-114
XL Stype CS-114XL Ltype CS-116