Audio Rack

Rack adapted to the size of the equipment.
Combining the basic rack with additional units, you can combine a rack suitable for the size of the equipment.
Differences between CSR / ASRⅢ racks and XL / CL racks.
One of the major differences is the shelf board structure. The high-end model, the CSR / ASRⅢ rack, has the specifications with the highest damping effect, supporting spikes on the shelf board with a honeycomb core structure.
Is it possible to attach the Audio Board ASRⅢ-AD to ASRⅡ?
No, ASRⅢ-AD can be installed only on the latest model ASRⅢ.
When changing the rack of spike legs to casters, do you use the locknut as it is?
Yes, be sure to use the locknut as it is to fix the rack shelf.

Audio Board

Difference in structure between former Audio Board series and current ones.
No, the previous products used a cast iron sheet made of cast iron powder, but the current ones feature a honeycomb core structure for more effective improvement.
Differences between the current Audio Board 3 series.
Each has a different structure for the intended purpose.
The SUB series is for a equipment between shelves. The SCB-CS series is designed to be used in a variety of situations. C and W have different sound types. The SUB-RS series is a master model designed to be fully compatible with heavy-duty amplifiers and speakers. There is no difference in the effect depending on the finish. Only for RS series, spikes can be attached to the bottom.

Speaker Stand

Are Speaker Stand screws and bolts available?
Except for some models, it is available as a set of parts. For more information, please contact your dealer or distributor.


Difference in sound quality of insulators.
Mainly it depends on materials, TAOC’s three types cast iron with each different sound characteristics. Also, shape and size affect them sensitively. For more information, Please refer to the insulator page.


Is only the TAOC logo plate available?
No, TAOC logo plate is not sold.
What kind of automobile parts does Aisin Takaoka Co., Ltd. make?
Aisin Takaoka manufactures engine, brake, and mission automobile parts from a global production network of 24 companies in 7 countries around the world, using casting technology and plasticity technology.
Is TAOC made in Japan?
We ship products that have passed strict quality inspections within Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture.