Brand promise

Create better sound with acoustic space through our vibration damping technology for your joy.

TAOC is a high-grade audio brand of Aisin Takaoka Co. Ltd., a manufacturer of casting parts for automobiles.
We have independently developed audio products and proposed new value to the market through a lot of knowledge ,experience about casting technology and cast iron characteristics that we have accumulated for half a century as a leading manufacturer of casting parts for automobiles.
Our brand name TAOC is an acronym for T (Aisin Takaoka) A (Anti as not vibrate unnecessarily), O (Oscillation), and C (Casting), means "Aisin Takaoka's unique vibration control," which is the core technology of the brand.
In order for all customers to experience the "joy of listening" and "impression" through meticulously crafted TAOC products , we promise to constantly improve ourselves and pursue the ideal sound quality no compromise.


TAOC’s vibration-damping technologies

Evolving all four original technologies incessantly , we engineer TAOC products that works well in any situation.

Vibration dampingEffectsspecificationproducts
Rigid constructionPrevents the increase of oscillation of device.High rigidity, Low center of gravity design.Whole TAOC products
Vibration insulationPrevents the transmission of vibration,
allows them to escape.
Pin structure supported by the tip of the spikeLegs of Audio Racks, Speaker Stands
Friction dampingAbsorbs vibration,Cast iron powderShelf boards of CSR・ASRⅢ racks, Whole Audio Boards.
Cast ironWhole TAOC products
Modification of vibration boundary conditionsPrevent unnecessary resonance.Vibration control in each section, vibration adjustment for the entire productWhole TAOC products
  • TAOC’s vibration-damping technologies

    Based on listening tests and measurement evaluation, we select the optimum material, engineer the optimum shape .
    Sensitivity and experience, commitment to sound with reliable technology.
    In the final stage of development, figureing out sounds from various elements , we adjusted to finish meticulously.


Further evolution , Our standard , KAIZEN

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