• Hybrid configuration enabled
    the marriage of stylish form
    and performance.

    The signature aluminum die-cast frame, pole with cast iron parts, Honey-comb core shelf board ensure well-balanced acoustic space for whole audio system.
    ASRⅡ, which is lightweight but has high rigidity that effectively adapted cast iron, is one of the TAOC’s original lines that has not changed since 2003.


01Shelf board

  • 01Shelf board

    ❶ ASR shelf board is the remarkable Audio Board.

    ASR shelf board that also absorbs vibration is an Audio Board designed exclusively as CSR racks.
    TAOC original vibration structure Honey-comb core filling cast iron powder to hexagonal honeycomb structures inside offers  high vibration absorption performance through two properties of it , “moderate absorption” and “moderate divergence”  by  minute friction that occurs when receiving vibration . Furthermore , the honeycomb core sandwich is made of carefully selected wood and hard melamine.
    The performance approaching that of higher-end models of the board provides the effect of fully demonstrating the potential of the device without being hindered by unnecessary vibration.

  • ❷ Spike supporting configuration makes difference.

    ASRⅡi features a unique frame as supporting the shelf board only by tips of a four spike insulators from vibration insulation technology as ASRⅢ.
    All the shelf boards on which the equipment is placed are designed not to interfere with any frame inside.
    Following CSR design philosophy, “The shelf board, which is the key to the sound, is made independent without touching any parts.” , ASRⅡi has a structure that does not transmit the vibration received by the shelf board to other stages and releases it appropriately.
    In addition, by floating the shelf board, we have realized a clear and spacious sound that maximizes the high vibration absorption and sound quality of the Honey-comb core shelf board.

  • ❸ The signature frame, our identity with craftsmanship

    A beautiful and lightweight shelf frame, Nothing like any product in the world is made with the casting technology that Aisin Takaoka has accumulated for many years, our legacy from initial AS rack series since 2003. Beautiful finishes NS(metallic silver), NB(metallic black ) are ready to fit your audio system.

    ❹ Oscillation-controlling sheet

    Two sheets per stage to tune resonance of frame.
    Just two sheets, but make difference.



Cast iron spacer is essential

Cast iron spacers are fitted to pillars to improve vibration-damping performance as not transmit unnecessary vibration to other stages.


  • 03Legs

    Durability with Cast iron leg

    Traditional cast iron legs ensure high durability, vibration damping in any situation. Upgrading cast iron spike and plate, get closer to ASRⅢ performance through vibration insulation technology, friction damping technology.

Line up

    • ASRⅡ-1S-NSi
    • ASRⅡ-1S-NBi

    ● Weight: 10kg
    ● Load capacity: Up to 100kg per shelf

    • ASRⅡ-2S-NSi
    • ASRⅡ-2S-NBi

    ● Weight:19kg
    ● Load capacity:Load capacity: Up to 100kg per shelf

    • ASRⅡ-3S-NSi
    • ASRⅡ-3S-NBi

    ● Weight:27kg
    ● Load capacity:Load capacity: Up to 100kg per shelf

    • ASRⅡ-4S-NSi
    • ASRⅡ-4S-NBi

    ● Weight:36kg
    ● Load capacity:Up to 100kg per shelf

    • ASRⅡ-5S-NSi
    • ASRⅡ-5S-NBi

    ● Weight : 45kg
    ● Load capacity: Up to 100kg per shelf Up to 400kg for the entire rack


Aluminum die-casting
Silver Metallic (NS product numbers), Black Metallic (NB product numbers)
Champagne Gold
five-layer construction W: 500 x H: 22 x D: 450mm
Reversible color finish (semi-matt)
Cast iron
Cast iron (with lock nut)
Up to 100kg per shelf Up to 400kg for the entire rack


Combining additional units to basic rack, you can build an Audio Rack
with your ideal length of pillars or shelf board spacing , number of shelves.

Highly recommended for

● Original rack with a height that perfectly matches your equipment
● Original rack with enough space to dissipate heat from amplifier

  • Additional unit

    ● Contents
     Contains: Frame, shelf board, spikes, poles,
     cast iron spacers, bolts

    ● Finish
     NSi: Silver Metallic frame
     NBi: Black Metallic frame

    Model number

    ●Model number list

    ASRⅡ-F418NBi/NSi<L:180mm> ASRⅡ-F423NBi/NSi<L:230mm>
    ASRⅡ-F428NBi/NSi<L:280mm> ASRⅡ-F433NBi/NSi<L:330mm>

    <L: Pole length>

  • Set content
  • Pole set

    ● Finish: Champagne Gold
    ● Diameter: 30mm

    Model number

    ●Model number list

    ASRⅡ-P418i<L:180mm> ASRⅡ-P423i<L:230mm>
    ASRⅡ-P428i<L:280mm> ASRⅡ-P433i<L:330mm>

    <L: Pole length>

  • ASRⅡ-P423i<L:230mm>


  • Cast iron spikes and plates

    ・Four per set
    ・Diameter: 32m
    ・Height: 20-25mm

  • SP-500
  • Caster set

    ・Four per set
    ・Load-bearing capacity:100kg/caster
    ・Caster diameter: 60mm
     (65mm higher when CS-120 are installed. )

  • CS-120